Germicidal Lamp for Hospital 185nm UV Light Kill The Virus and Bacteria Completely Disinfection UV Lamp Remove Formaldehyde

Germicidal Lamp for Hospital 185nm UV Light Kill The Virus and Bacteria Completely Disinfection UV Lamp Remove Formaldehyde

Portable UV Disinfection Lamp Ozone Sterilization Light-weight Timing UVC Germicidal Lamp

Product features  – CZPT sterilization

  This solution includes double sterilization, ultraviolet and ozone, which can stay away from the defect of one sterilization.

      a The UV light can emit an ultraviolet ray with a wavelength of 253.7nm,which kills the bacterial viruses inside a couple of seconds and thesterilization effectiveness is up to ninety nine%.

      b Ozone sterilization: Ozone’s diffusion can make up the disadvantagesthat Uv can only be transmitted in a straight line and the sterilizationhas useless angles, it can reach anywhere in the air and make thesterilization far more effective and thorough.

RF Distant Handle

Step one. Push the ON/OFF button, the 4 indication LEDs on the sterilizer will start flashing
Step two. Decide on the sterilization length time, the corresponding indication LED on the sterilizer will commence flashing
Phase 3. Leave the room and near the door, push the ON/OFF button once again to verify the environment, the power sign LED and the pre-set timer indicator LED will maintain working, the UVC and Ozone tubes in the sterilizer will begin workign in ten seconds
Action 4. Steriliaztion full, open all the home windows and door for at the very least 20 minutes to ventilate the Ozone created


Sterilization and odor removal rules

(1)UV sterilization principle

     a Sterilization—UV

      UV is the generic expression of a hundred-400nm wavelength radiation in the  Ielectromagnetic spectrum, it is divided into UVA, UVB, UVC and UVD  (fourteen bands, but only UVC has seriliation effect, particularly the 253.7nmUV ray, which has the strongest sterilization effect.

b. How UVC kills the bacterial viruses?

      By iradating microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, UVC candestroy the molecular construction of DNA or RNA in microorganisms’cell and lead to the crack of DNA chain and crosslin between nucleicacids and proteins, which can result in the death of development andRegenerative cells and obtain the sterilization impact.c, Ozone sterilization principle

     C  Ozone O3 has robust oxidization, it can wipe out the mobile wall ofbacterium and oxidize and decompose large polymers like glucoseoxidase, RNA, DNA, protein, lipid and saccharides, which can cause the death of bacterium and attain the sterilization influence.



Swift element
Manufacturer: VISTECH Colour: black/white
Electrical power: 38/forty six/60/65W Voltage: 220V/110V
Warranty: 3 years Making use of time: 8000 several hours
Wavelength: UV-C 185NM Ozone: Sure
Remote control: Yes Timing: fifteen/30/sixty min
Material of tube: Quartz ultraviolet lamp tube Substance of frame: Iron
Lamp dimension 490*190MM Packing dimension


Publicity location: Inside forty cubic metre spot of origin:  ZheJiang , China

Othersset the anti-leakage function and 10 2nd hold off

1. Antivirus, and eliminate mites and flu.

2. UV + ozone dual sterilization, no afraid of dead angles, 360 ° multi-directional antivirus. 

three. 10 seconds delaying start off give folks ample time to leave room and avert immediate pores and skin injury caused by ultraviolet rays.

four. Multiple instances demand UV disinfection lamps, like house, clinic, college, hotel, place of work, grocery store, rest room, cafe, room, kitchen, and so on.

5. UV disinfection is much more thorough, swift effect, no residue.

[Substantial Quality]
Housing and six mm reliable metal column for great compression resistance. Appropriate for area area about 40,recommended time is fifteen minutes.
[With Ozone]
Micro-ozone UV lamp, ozone has sterilization, in addition to formaldehyde to odor and other capabilities, and ozone is a gasoline, can fill the entire space, CZPT the affect of road blocks, to obtain no dead angle sterilize. Ozone consists of peculiar scent, which needs ventilation just before finished.
Created of quartz materials, 254nm wavelength, long provider existence, higher transmission charge and far better sterilization result.
[Protection Very first!]
Third gear can be timed fifteen/30/60 minutes, fifteen seconds hold off to start, to make sure people leave properly. Potent distant manage purpose can allow you partition wall distant handle.

[Be aware]
When the germicidal lamp is turned on, please go away the area of use immediately and hold the atmosphere CZPT any animals and crops. Do not seem directly at the germicidal mild source. Absorbing way too considerably ultraviolet gentle can cause skin discomfort and conjunctival injury.




one, The UV sterilizer is only for indoor use, to steer clear of moisture and vibration.
2, Do not go over the UV lamp when employing it.
3, Folks and animals are not authorized on site when using the UV disinfection mild, please do not look at the UV lamp with your eyes to steer clear of eye and pores and skin hurt.
four, Long time to get in touch with the ultraviolet light can damage to the human and animals’ human body and eyes, so the doors and windows need to be closed when sterilization is shut, and individuals and animals need to have to leave.
5, Soon after sterilization, please ventilate the room for 30-40 minutes ahead of entering, if scent irritant scent need to lengthen the air flow time to enter again.
six, Please wipe the UV lamp with a cleanse towel to maintain the sterilization effect.
seven, Frequency of use: it is advisable to use it after or two times a 7 days for about thirty minutes each and every time.


Can ultraviolet rays kill viruses?

Can ultravioletcan destroy virus simply because the virus is actually quite fragile and it should be in the host to survive. Viruses might endure for many several hours in vitro, whilst microorganisms have cell walls and can persist for a long time on a variety of products, water sources, meals, and garments. Viruses are quite fragile in vitro, and at a particular temperature, humidity and ultraviolet The circumstance will before long be inactivated. For that reason, it is attainable to bask in the outdoors exactly where the population is comparatively sparse, and it is also a really very good way to prevent new virus. Simply because ultraviolet rays can get rid of air-centric viruses. In the hospital, turning on the ultraviolet mild each night time can destroy the virus in the clinic, which will aid and shield the personnel and the people.

[cautions ] When the germicidal lamp is turned on, you should depart the area of use right away and preserve the surroundings CZPT any animals and vegetation. Do not seem right at the germicidal light-weight source. Absorbing as well much ultraviolet mild can lead to pores and skin discomfort and conjunctival harm.  


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Germicidal Lamp for Hospital 185nm UV Light Kill The Virus and Bacteria Completely Disinfection UV Lamp Remove Formaldehyde


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