L -Rhamnose Monohydrate L-Rhamnegin CAS 10030-85-0 Sweetener Zeuschem

L  -Rhamnose Monohydrate L-Rhamnegin CAS 10030-85-0 Sweetener Zeuschem

Chinese name: L-rhamnose Chinese synonym: rhamnosyl, monohydrate methylpentose rhamnosyl monohydrate rhamnose monohydrate isostanol rhamnolide six-deoxy-L-glycoside Dew sugar monohydrate L-rhamnose English title: L (+)-Rhamnosemonohydrate English synonym: L-Rhamnegin L-RhamnoseForBiochemistry L (+) RHAMNOSEGRFORBIOCHEMISTRY L-Mannose, six-deoxy-, monohydrate RHAMNOSE, L-(+)-(RG) Rhamnose, monohydrateiso-Ducitol 6-Deoxy-L (+)-mannose L (+)-RhamnosemonohydrateCAS quantity: 10030-85- Molecular system: C6H14O6 Molecular bodyweight: 182.17EINECS Chemicalbook variety: 600 -058-2 Connected Classes: Carbs (Carbohydrates) Monosaccharides Carbs Biochemical Reagents Biochemical Reagents-Carbs CZPTs Plant Extraction CZPTs Carbohydrates Plant Extracts Little Molecule Inhibitors, All-natural items pharmaceutical raw components plant extracts carbohydrates organic foods additives substances food additives standards- APIs- Carbohydrates Carbs & Derivatives chemicalreagent- pharmaceutical intermediate phytochemical reference expectations from Chinesemedicinalherbs (TCM) . standardizedherbalextract carbohydrate InhibitorsMol Areas: 10030-eighty five-.mol

L-rhamnose character melting position 90-95 ° C (lit.)
Particular rotation eight.2º (c = 4.5, H2O)
Density one.forty seven
Storage situations Fridge
Solubility H2O: .1g / mL, distinct, colorless
Crystalsor CrystallinePowder
Coloration White
Optical action (optical activity) [Chemicalbookα] twenty / D + 8 ± .five °, 2hr, c = five% inH2O Water solubility 300g / L (20ºC) Merck fourteen,8172BRN5988592
StableatRTInChIKeyBNRKZHXOBMEUGK-FGASXDGJSA-NCAS databases 10030-85- (CASDataBaseReference)

L-rhamnose is a typical six-deoxyhexose, similar to fucose, equivalent in sweetness to D-mannose, slightly bitter, and has been discovered to have physiological action in sugar chains composed of various monosaccharides. As a result, in an attempt to create and use these sugar chains as supplies for prescription drugs and agrochemicals, L-rhamnose or its derivatives have been utilised as a element for the advancement and software of these sugar chains. In addition, rhamnose is also regarded as to be a flavor-reactive materials, because it makes a unique odor in the Maillard response with amino acids.

It is most extensively distributed in germs and crops. In microorganisms, polysaccharides or lipopolysaccharides that use rhamnose as a constituent sugar exist on the cell area. This sugar chain framework usually becomes an antigen-particular aspect. In plants, Rhus toxicodendron leaves and bouquets are distributed in the kind of free of charge sugars, as effectively as a variety of glycosides these kinds of as rutin and sugars these kinds of as acacia gum.

Plant origin: commonly distributed in crops as a trace volume of sugar. It can be combined with sugars in several plant glycosides (these kinds of as quercetin, isohesperidin, and many others.), polysaccharides, especially pectins and gums, and it can also be existing in lacustrine poisons.

The pathway for biosynthesis of rhamnose from glucose in bacterial cells is: α-glucose-1-phosphate → dTOP-D-glucose → dTDP-four-keto-6-deoxy-D-glucose → dTDP-4-perseverance-L- Rhamnose → dTDP-L-rhamnose, the ultimate product sugar nucleotides are acted by distinct rhamnosyltransferases, and its rhamnose residues are included in glycosides and polysaccharides.

L-rhamnose can be used to establish the permeability of the intestinal tract, can be utilised as a sweetener, and can also be employed to make flavors. It can be used not only as a medical detection reagent, but also as a foodstuff additive in the processing of large-conclude espresso, drinks, bread, meat products and the like. Rhamnose has been extensively utilized in industrial production and scientific research.

L  -Rhamnose Monohydrate L-Rhamnegin CAS 10030-85-0 Sweetener Zeuschem


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