Mesh Belt Dryer for Coal Briquette Production Line

Mesh Belt Dryer for Coal Briquette Production Line


The mesh belt dryer is a batch, ongoing production heated by electric powered heating, steam heating, and very hot air heating, which employs metal mesh as a conveyor belt to carry supplies for constant drying.
   The mesh belt dryer primarily transports the pressed finished charcoal ball ,coal balls straight to the flat conveyor via the conveyor, and evenly distributes the concluded balls on the dryer by means of the scraper at the upper end of the flat conveyor to increase the air permeability of the balls and attain the drying effect.
  The drying time is normally 20-thirty minutes. The large-temperature drying furnace is composed of a chain conveyor manufactured of warmth-resistant metal and a high-temperature tunnel kiln. The conveyor belt adopts substantial temperature resistant metallic mesh belt, the balls are dried on the mesh belt right after 25-thirty minutes of drying, and then output by the cooling mesh belt.
The mesh belt dryer is a generally used steady drying products, which can be extensively utilised in industries such as constructing materials and electronics. It is specially ideal for drying sheets, strips, and granular components with excellent air flow, and for filter cakes. It can also be dried by pelletizer or extruding mechanism following forming.

working theory
The primary basic principle of the mesh belt dryer is to evenly lay the resources on the mesh belt, dragged by the transmission unit to move back and forth in the dryer, the hot air flows by way of the resources, and the h2o vapor is discharged from the dampness discharge hole. So as to obtain the goal of drying. The mesh belt is made of twelve-sixty mesh metal mesh belt, and the duration of the box is composed of normal sections. In order to preserve area, the dryer can be made into a multi-layer type. The typical types are two-room 3-layer, two-room five-layer, duration 6 -40m, powerful width .six-three.0m.
, Mesh belt, transmission gadget, air inlet pipe, air outlet pipe, admirer (very hot air source is set individually), and so on.
The natural and organic head of the content is slowly and gradually dried by drying. The linear speed of the mesh belt is dependent on the kind of materials and the h2o articles. The air circulation path adopts unfavorable strain and porous air intake to guarantee the efficient drying region and the air stream and wind velocity are evenly dispersed to enhance the drying effect. In get to get the greatest drying effect and appropriate output, the humidity content of the substance, the linear pace of the mesh belt, the air distribution volume and the wind temperature should be correctly, reasonably and organically combined.

one. Mesh belt dryer, material home time and feeding pace to get the best drying effect.
2. Flexible gear configuration Mesh belt dryer can use mesh belt washing system and content cooling method.
three. Most of the air in the mesh belt dryer (mesh belt dryer) is recycled, which is hugely vitality-preserving.
four. The special air separation unit of the dryer makes the distribution of hot air more uniform, guaranteeing the consistency of merchandise high quality.
five. The heat resource can be geared up with steam, warmth transfer oil, electric powered or gasoline hot blast stove.
CZPT Parameters  

Mesh   Width(mm) Drying Size(m)
Drying Area(mtwo)  
Layer Distance (mm) Running Pace(m/min) Energy(Kw)  
HJWD6 600 6-12 three.6-36 one-five 400-600 .06-1 one.1-two.two 6-ten
HJWD8 800 6-twelve four.eight-forty eight 1-5 four hundred-600 .06-one 1.1-two.2 8-fifteen
HJWD10 a thousand six-16 six-80 one-five 400-600 .06-one 1.1-2.two 10-twenty
HJWD12 1200 8-sixteen seven.two-96 1-five 400-600 .06-one 12-25
HJWD16 1600 8-22 12.8-one zero five 1-five four hundred-600 .06-1 15-thirty
HJWD20 2000 10-26 20-260 1-five four hundred-600 .06-one 1.five-4 eighteen-35
HJWD24 2400 12-30 29-360 1-five 400-600 .06-one three-seven.5 twenty-forty
HJWD30 3000 12-40 36-600 1-five four hundred-600 .06-1 five-11 25-50

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Mesh Belt Dryer for Coal Briquette Production Line


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